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Toe Taps

ALL Exercise Tutorials • 55s

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  • Skull Crushers

    Lie down on your back. Pick up a weight that you're comfortable with, with your feet flat on the floor. Hold the weights with a hammer grip, almost like you're going to crush your skull. Put your arms up, bending at the elbow, to right beside your eyes. Be very careful not to drop the weights.

  • Front Raise

    Lift the weights upward while inhaling. Your arms are extended, palms facing down, with a slight bend in the elbows to reduce the stress on the joints. Pause briefly when your arms are horizontal to the floor. Lower the dumbbells to the starting position (at the thighs) with a slow and controlled...

  • Bent Over Lateral Raise

    Lean forward, keeping your back flat. Hold your dumbbells with your knuckles pointing outwards. Raise up, slow and controlled, and bring back down.