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  • Cobra Pose

    Place your palms flat on the ground directly under your shoulders, bend your elbows straight back and hug them into your sides.
    Pause for a moment looking straight down at your mat with your neck in a neutral position. Anchor your pubic bone to the floor.
    Inhale to lift your chest off the floor. ...

  • Forward Fold

    While standing straight up, put your chin against your chest. Next you will slowly bend down like you are going to touch your toes, while keeping your legs straight.

  • Pigeon Pose

    Start in a downward facing dog and bring the right leg forward towards your right hand and rest it on the floor, while reaching your right ankle towards the left hand and resting it on the floor. Lower your hips towards the floor, resting on top of your right leg. Straighten your left leg out beh...