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Watch this video and more on No BS Active

Hamstring Stretch

ALL Stretch Lessons • 32s

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  • Hurdle Stretch

    Sit on the floor with your back straight, one leg stretched behind so that the heel is touching your buttocks. The other leg is extended forwards with toes pointing upwards. Stretch your arms straight out in front of you and slowly arch forward until you can grab your toes with your hands. Hold f...

  • Butterfly Stretch

    Sit down on the floor or ground with your legs in front of you. Reach forward and grab your right foot. It is OK to bend your knee to help your hand and foot connect. Gently pull your right foot up towards your groin bending until it is at a comfortable spot and the sole of the foot is facing you...

  • Standing Hip Stretch

    You will put one foot behind the other, digging the ball of the foot into the floor. Then you will put your hands on your back and push your pelvis forward. Be sure to switch legs and repeat.