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What are the Weekday Workouts?

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What is No BS Active?

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  • What are the Weekday Workouts?

    Each month you will receive five new lower body workouts, five new upper body workouts, five new back workouts, five new core workouts, and five new full body/cardio workouts. We suggest completing a lower body workout on Monday, and upper body workout on Tuesday, aback work out on Wednesday, a c...

  • What are Stretch Sessions?

    Jessica and Whitney like to end their week and go into their weekend on Saturdays with a deep stretch. However, these stretches are good to incorporate every day if you need them!

  • What are Chill Pills?

    In each month you will receive 10 new chill pills: five unguided meditations and five guided meditations. Whitney suggests that you complete the unguided meditations daily or as often as you’d like. The guided meditations can be done at any time during the week as well. We hope they make you feel...