• Arm Pulls

    Put your arm across your body and pull towards you, either above or below the elbow, but never on the elbow. You should feel it all the way in your deltoid and then you can repeat it on the opposite side.

  • Arm Swings

    Bring you arms out in front of you and stretch them wide open. Criss cross your arms as you bring them in front of your body. Be sure to keep your elbows straight as you come across.

  • Forearm Stretch

    Bring our forearm out in front of us, clasp the top of our palm, and bring that arm down so that our fingers are facing into our body. Be sure to completely lock out this elbow. Reverse it to where your fingers are facing inward and repeat the stretch.

  • Head Rolls

    Tilt your head to one side and then to the other. Slowly tuck our chins and bring our head forward. Roll it around to the other shoulder. Stop, so that you do not hyper extend and go outside the parameters of a normal, cervical movement.

  • Neck Stretch

    Grab the edge of the bench or whatever you are sitting on and then tilt your head in the opposite direction. Meet your ear to your shoulder. You should feel this stretch down into your arms, and sometimes even down into your fingertips.

  • Shoulder Rolls

    Let your hands hang by your side. Lift your shoulders up, shrug, and let them come back to center.

  • Windmills

    Take your hand out in front of you and put it up, with your palm facing outwards, leading with your pinky.

  • Wrist Rolls

    Clasp our hands in front of us, interlace our fingers and roll our wrists in a figure-8. You can also unclasp your hands and roll them individually.

  • Wall Chest Stretch

    You will stand in front of the wall and plant your palms against the wall about shoulder width apart and shoulder height. Then you will walk your legs back while keeping your elbows and knees locked. Allow your chest to naturally lower, stretching your chest and hamstrings. When finished, walk...